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Innovative business books publisher


Started with a single title in 2004 today we are considered as the most innovative Russian publisher of books. Today we publish books in the seven different branches: business, marketing, childrens books, books about art, healthy lifestyle books and self-development books.

We publish 3 new titles every day. Our bestsellers are:

Reinventing Organizations
by Frederic Laloux

The Crossroads of Should and Must
by Elle Luna

Pierre the Maze Detective
by Hiro Kamigaki IC4DESIGN


Audio books

Keeping up to day we also produce a series of audio books which include titles of our paper editions as well as those published by other publishers.

Our mission is to present people with new ideas that can challenge them.
Now we are working on new presentation about us. It will be coming soon.

2004 — 2016
Russia Mann, Ivanov and Ferber Publishing